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You can see originals on Yelp. All 5 star!

Sara N. Santa Monica, Ca. 5 Star

":Liliana is the best Spanish teacher I've ever had. 

She creates characters and tells stories and helps you play in Spanish. She brings Spanish off of the pages of the books and homework of your average Spanish teacher and turns it into this vibrant, fun and memorable experiences one would normally get when living abroad. 

 After the first class or two (and possibly depending on the level you are at when you come in) she speaks to you the entire time in Spanish. It's full immersion. You will be taping each lesson with her and listening to it in between each class and it's pure gold and here's why: she's using the language as it's actually spoken and how it will be spoken to you! You can hear how she uses the verbs and their tenses and moods, how she structures her sentences and her thoughts, and the biggest one: getting comfortable hearing yourself as: tú or usted or ustedes - this is huge purely based on the fact that if you're learning the language from books and homework, you're missing the conversationally reciprocal aspect of the language (and you're almost only thinking in yo.)

In about 1.5 months she helped me rewire my Spanish brain to think differently and feel differently about the language and improved my speaking ability and comfort 100%! I can't wait to keep working with her and to see where I'll be in a full years time!"

Patrick N. Marina del Rey, Ca. 5 star

"Three month in and have just returned from a trip to Argentina. My level of comprehension and ability to communicate is tremendous after such a short time (I'm doing two lessons a week).

Liiana is an excellent teacher that concentrates on communication then tightens up the grammar etc a little later. This is a significantly more enjoyable process that the awful language lesson style I had at school."

Kiana M. Venice, Ca. 5 Star

"Before I came to Liliana, I was taking group classes at a school and couldn't seem to find the focus, I am so glad I found her -  She is flexible and understanding with time if you have a crazy schedule that is constantly changing, and is open to doing on-line classes for days you can't meet. I have found this to be so helpful, and I am so appreciative of her understanding. Another wonderful thing about Liliana is  that she cares about her students. She also does life coaching which is another thing to consider. While I am a Spanish student, sometimes Liliana will share her insight with me, and I find it to be very inspiring and the tidbits she has shared with me has changed my way of thinking and my life.

 If you are considering learning Spanish for real, and are ready to commit - Liliana is the coach you should seek by all means. She is the best."

Mariana B. Santa Monica, Ca 5 Star.

"Liliana is a teacher by vocation. She has a natural way to get you to understand what is going on even when you have never heard the actual language that is being spoken to you; if you stick with her you will speak like a native. Her coaching skills have moved me to be confident when I speak Spanish beyond my wildest dreams."

Megan R. Culver City, Ca. 5 Star.

"Amazing teacher! Liliana is so patient and truly cares about her clients learning the correct way to speak Spanish. She takes time to get to know the individual needs and preferred learning mechanisms of her students. She is extremely professional and composed, but she's also very compassionate and understanding of a business schedule. I highly recommend Liliana to anyone who actually wants to have a meaningful language education."


Linny L. Santa Monica, Ca. 5 star

"I was moving to Spain in one month, and barely knew Spanish, having not taken it since high school. I was very frightened.

 Liliana saved my life. I committed to meet with her 5 days a week for the next month leading up to my departure for Spain. I had a very limited time,  She said she was going to give me ” the parachute of Spanish” before landing. This is exactly what she did. And she did it well. In just two weeks, I was able to hold a conversation in Spanish with her. Her method of teaching is so valuable in that it allows one to embrace the language fully as opposed to focusing only on grammar or certain vocabulary words. In addition to Spanish, I had several coaching sessions with her as well. I ended up learning so much about myself through her methods of teaching.
Overall, I found Liliana to be an unbelievable teacher, mentor, life coach, and overall person. She is empathetic, caring, and will put in the care and belief into you if you're willing. She has made me feel calm, excited, and ready for my adventure in Spain this next year. At this point, I have confidence and strength in both myself and my Spanish skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of life coaching or learning Spanish!"


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